Grace as Reality, 2 CD Set

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An extraordinary description of Grace and our ability to allow its presence to be felt in each moment when we choose to embrace every illusionary thought and every judgment that limits.

Excerpt from Grace as Reality: "Grace. I offer this unto you. In any situation from this hour in which you are tempted to think with the thoughts of the world, and you notice that it doesn't feel very good, remember that simple word...Grace. Gently let it come to the mind, and it will be your willingness to send me a telegram. It will be your willingness to open the place of the heart, and I will not fail to come to you. And as you gently abide with it, certain things that have been said in this tape are going to come to you as if you are hearing them for the first time, and you will swear, 'that didn't get said then.' And a feeling will come, a certain little resonance, much like that which has touched many of you in this hour. For remember, I'm not in this body. For all you know, I'm right behind you."