Death and Earth Changes (MP3)

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A fascinating explanation of the vibrational changes occurring now with our Earth and the role Shanti Christo plays as a portal through which many could step into awakened consciousness.

Excerpt from Death and Earth Changes: "There will indeed, come a moment when all dreams of fear are forgotten, when all strife and enmity between brothers and sisters is dissolved as but an echo of a thought so long ago that it's hardly even imaginable. The Earth will radiate the light of Truth yet again, as she, too, prepares to make her transition, her ascension, her vibrational change, and the waters of this planet will run clearly, and the skies will radiate with colors that have not yet been seen by human eyes. There will be a harmony between all species and mankind. And the way of the world will be forgotten. And the way of peace will start. And the Earth will provide all that mankind could possibly need, simply by the asking."


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