MP3 Files Help and Tips

All MP3 files downloaded from the Shanti Christo Store are embedded in a zip folder. After extraction they can be played on your help_zip_file_logo.jpgcomputer, handheld device and MP3 player. Here are some tips and web pages that may be helpful. If you are unfamiliar with using MP3 files, we also offer all audio lessons on CD.

What is an MP3?

MP3 is an audio compression technology that compresses CD-quality sound by a factor of roughly 10, while retaining most of the original fidelity; for example, a 40MB CD track is turned into a 4MB MP3 file.

How Are the Files Delivered?

Once you purchase any one of our available MP3 selections, an email containing a download link(s) will be sent to you. Just click on the link and your download will begin automatically. PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to make a backup copy of each MP3 to avoid loss. Each file can be downloaded only once.

How Do I Listen MP3 files?help_itunes_logo.jpg

The most common method of listening to MP3 files is via iTunes, Microsoft Windows Media Player or Real Player.

Can I Listen to MP3s on my iPod?

Certainly. Please follow this link for instructions about how to transfer/listen to MP3s on your iPod downloaded from our store.


General help Zipping and Unzipping Files on a Mac

How to Zip (Compress) and Unzip (Uncompress) files in Windows

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How to sync your iTunes and iPod content