The Way of Mastery Hardcover - Original Version - Box of 10 Books

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About The Way of Mastery
This book contains the extraordinary and transformational teachings of Jeshua ben Joseph who speaks not as a savior above us, but as our brother and our friend to gently and lovingly guide us to remember the Truth of our being. The 35 lessons in this book are a pathway to forgiveness, self-love and the acceptance of the perfection of each moment, and are designed to return the mind to holiness – wholeness. Jeshua speaks to every aspect of living in the world as Christ. With practicality, humor and loving direction, He points the way to the correction of every belief and perception that would keep us from knowing our perfect union with God. The only question left to be asked is: How much of God can you receive and then extend to the world?

For the first time, The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation and The Way of Knowing are available in one volume, hard bound and beautifully presented, to be cherished for a lifetime. About the CD
The original audio recording of Lesson 11 from The Way of the Heart. This is a guided meditation in which Jeshua takes us into the deepest place of the heart where all knowing is accessible and the answers to all questions reside. A profoundly beautiful experience,and a reminder that each of us is loved, loving and lovable. This is the first time this recording has been available as a separate (correct spelling to “separate”) recording from the complete audio set.

This is a package of 10 Books